Romance & the Tee

Hotspots to set the mood--and improve your Wedge Game

Do you Play it Safe

On Course Risk/Reward

Connecting on Course

Why Golf Events Reign in the Corporate Arena

How to Make a Sex Tape

Published in 2 Magazine

Car Buying for Two

He wanted muscle; she wanted safety. Here’s how they came to a resolution of which car to buy.

Evening the Playing Field in Sporty Battle of the Sexes

Published in 2 Magazine, Illustration by Eter Willems

Testosterone Gets a Bad Rap— Dispelling the Myths About This Haughty Hormone

Testosterone isn’t exactly a pretty word. It rolls off the tongue as if it were something smelly, like a hunk of provolone. Maybe that's because it's associated with sweaty, pungent, raw maleness – a chi-chi perfumer would call it l'eau d

Side By Side Desks: Working Within Inches of Your Honey

“Pass me the printer cord,” Daniela says. This is a daily aggravation. My wife works at the desk to my right less than a meter away. We have side-by-side identical desks.

When His Mom Becomes Your Nemesis: A Guide For Women dealing with Serious In-law Issues

It seems every daughter-in-law (a.k.a. DIL) has a story about the maniacal machinations of a mother-in-law (a.k.a. MIL), along with a favourite expletive to describe her (“witchy hag” and “trollish hellspawn” are two of our fa

Squeeze My Mango - Are Supermarket Hook-ups Still Happening?

Picking up a few staples at the grocery store today, I sadly realized that supermarkets have become like overgrown 7-Elevens. People just want to grab and go.

Instructions For Living--Giving Your Lover Driving Directions

You’re hunting for a pick-your-own apple orchard in the country to stock up your fridge with baskets of Red Delicious and Macintosh.

Wanton Words-Saucy Talk To Fan the Flames of Desire

I’M GOING TO LET YOU IN ON A WELL-GUARDED SECRET: MEN LIKE WOMEN WHO TALK A LOT— in bed that is. Now don’t get the wrong idea here.

How to Start a Harem-When it's Time to Sheik your Booty and Chase some Veil

The backstory behind this one is kinda simple. I was just wondering about what it would be really like to have a harem. After it was published I remember learning the truth about fact checkers as they changed my source from a she to a he somehow.

Rewind to- My First Time

“Who invented this thing?” I actually said that aloud. The rhetorical question came after poking my condom-sheathed penis in the vicinity of my girlfriend’s vagina in vain for what seemed like two minutes.

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Romance & the Tee

Hotspots to set the mood--and improve your Wedge Game

Do you Play it Safe

On Course Risk/Reward

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