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04 18, 2007

When I was 13, I acted as a go-between in a summer camp romance. My buddy Matt had a crush on a girl named Leora and enlisted me as his wingman to court her (to spare his feelings in the event of rejection).

I approached Leora’s friend Emily and hinted to her of Matt’s desire to “date” Leora by asking a series of hypothetical ‘What if …” questions. Emily caught on and reported back to Leora. I soon received word via Emily that Leora was interested and that Emily and I should arrange a trist. Because all parties had decided to keep this on the down low to avoid gossip, we decided on a secluded oak tree that was shrouded by bushes. During afternoon break, Matt and Leora—with Emily and I in tow acting as lookouts to make sure nobody was coming—had their first “date.”

The encounter lasted all of five minutes and was sealed with a smooch. The same scenario repeated itself three or four times during the week, always with Emily and I onsite for “protection.” To mark the relationship’s momentous one-week milestone, Matt saved his lunch twinkie and presented it to Leora by the oak tree.

They broke it in two, relished the snack and then kissed—for what would be the last time. On the way back to our cabin, Matt confided that he didn’t think the relationship was going anywhere and wanted to move on. Guess who broke the news to Leora, via Emily of course.

This Article originally ran in the Spring 2007 issue of 2 magazine

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