Brent Butt: Road Warrior


The Star of Corner Gas shares his travel secrets

The Star of Corner Gas shares his travel secrets

“I’m a jetsetter,” deadpans Brent Butt in his familiar laidback prairie accent. “Always on a jet.” The Saskatchewan comic has been crisscrossing the country for the better part of two decades. So when it comes time to taking it easy, this star of the hit CTV comedy series Corner Gas has a few bright ideas like celebrating season one’s wrap by basking in the Hawaiian sunshine. Rest and relaxation are things Butt takes very seriously and when you’ve been on the road as long as Butt has you pick up gallons of grist for the traveling soul.

I usually don’t like to talk to people when I travel so I made up a book jacket that I can put over whatever book I’m reading that says “1001 ways to kill a man” and that usually keeps people from chatting to you.

Don’t leave home without…
Clothespins are a travel essential for me for a couple of reasons. One, if you want to dry something they’re handy to have. And the other thing, often hotel curtains don’t close all the way and I don’t like that little stream of light coming in in the morning, so I use clothespins to clip the curtains closed.

Rites of Arrival…
I do this thing that I once saw in a movie. It’s from Die Hard. A traveling businessman tells Bruce Willis, ‘when you get to your hotel take your shoes and socks off and make little fists with your toes in the carpet.’ For whatever reason that is what I do. It seems to work, it energizes you. I don’t know if it’s psychological, just in my head, or what. And then I use the bathroom right away but I think that’s just instinctually marking my territory.

Local Acts …
I went down to Mexico with a buddy from my hometown for a week and you know those little guys who come out and try to hustle you with the stuff that they’re selling? This guy came running up to me and I just loved his sales pitch—it was such a great all encompassing sales pitch. He ran up to us and said, “come into my store, I have everything you love.” You can’t beat that for a sales pitch. You have everything I love? You have fried baloney, Heather Locklear and hockey fights all in one place. He’s got my mother is in his store?

Caribbean Cravings…
I think of very, very clear water, I couldn’t believe how clear the water was [in the Bahamas]. And I think of this amazing salad that I had that this guy made in his boat. There was a guy in a boat under a dock and you could give him $5 and he’d make you this fresh salad with fruit, onions and lime-juice and it was unbelievable. It was actually a conch salad but I hate conch so I would say give me a conch salad, but hold the conch.

Cast Holiday…
If I were to relocate the cast of Corner Gas Abroad we’d go to Hawaii for sure and we’d do the exact same thing the Brady Bunch did--we’d have trouble with a bad luck tiki doll and spiders.

Fill up on Corner Gas Monday nights on CTV in Canada.

*My Interview with Brent Butt first appeared in Sunquest Magazine

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