Buzzing on Love

03 30, 2007

The Three Stages of Chemical Attraction:

First Sight: Living Libido Loco
Testosterone and estrogen hormones fuel the bonfire of desire, shifting sex drives into fourth gear and getting us all hot and bothered and prowling for potential mates.

Honeymoon Phase: Addicted to Love
Hopped up on mood enhancers like serotonin and dopamineóalso triggered by other super-addictive substances like cocaine and nicotineónew love is a chemical cocktail that we just canít get enough of.

Coupledom: So Happy Together
Oxytocin, the hormone responsible for creating a bond between mother and child, also works to strengthen a couple's emotional attachment. Oxytocin is activated when couples snuggle and cuddle but the hormone's effects are at their height during orgasm. It's been theorized that the more times a couple gets it on the deeper their bond will become.

This article originally ran in the Spring 2007 issue of 2 Magazine

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