Pro-Am Matchmaker

01 13, 2011

Ran in Golf Canada Magazine

At their glittery heart pro-ams are all about supporting a worthy charity and scoping out the stars. But, the celebrity golfers want to have a great time too. The best way to assure satisfaction is to be as finicky and persnickety as Patti Stanger when matching celebs with their playing partner because at its fescue heart golf is all about forging lasting relationships. While Stanger’s penchant for hooking-up millionaires earned her a reality show on Bravo, we’ll settle for the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from introducing golfers to their brand new BFF.

Jim Furyk & Jason Statham
Why they’ll mesh: Jim’s a pretty darned accurate driver and Jason Statham plays a pretty darned good precision driver and bone snapper in those Transporter flicks. Icebreaking ideas for Jim: Don’t just gush on about how much you loved the Transporter trilogy, otherwise he’ll get grumpy and think you could be an obsessed wack-a-doo. Try a white lie and tell him that the current Crank series turns your crank more.

Camilo Villegas & Shakira
Why they’ll mesh: A couple years back Golf Digest called Villegas "the most ripped player on tour”. Spiderman’s smoldering strokes have taken the golfer well beyond the sport into fashion spreads and coveted spots on “most eligible” hot lists. His hip sashaying countrywoman with the truth telling hips has also received tons of camera love. This Colombian duo will get along as famously as arroz con coco.

Sergio Garcia & Katy Perry
Why they’ll mesh: Sergio’s hot and then he’s cold and he’s up and then he’s down on the leaderboard. Katy can totally identify with that, in fact she wrote a #1 song about embodying this complicated dual state that often affects those in the public eye. Sergio’s pretty smooth so he doesn’t need any pointers on making new buds, however Katy’s a firecracker so we’ve got some advice for her. Don’t tell him the real story behind “I kissed a Girl,” especially while Sergio is putting.

Boo Weekley & Beyonce Knowles
Why they’ll mesh: Jay-Z’s boo and the golfer who got his nickname from Yogi Bear’s amiable sidekick have plenty in common. Both of them have intensely loyal fan bases and they both know how to entertain. Here’s a conversation starter for Beyonce to break the ice with Boo: “You won the Verizon Heritage two years running, why do you get so dialed up about that tour stop?” As for Boo, don’t rattle on about hunting and fishing unless you want to land a mention in Beyonce’s song sequel to “If I were a boy”. ♫If I were a deer, I’d dodge Weekley’s bullets. I swear I’d be better than Bambi♫

Mike Weir & Aaron Eckhart
Why they’ll mesh: Eckhart hails from Weir’s alma mater Brigham Young so they can rehash BYU stories and jovially kid each other over which one of them is the University’s most famous graduate before it dons upon them that former QB Steve Young has them both beat out. In the event that Weir’s heard the name but can’t really place Eckhart we urge him to rent Thank You for Smoking, Dark Knight, and In the Company of Men, three of the golden globe nominated actor’s best films ahead of the pro am.

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