"So Due"- Sportscaster Blather or Baseball Prophecy


The most “deserving” contenders have been winning the World Series of late with the White Sox and Red Sox ending lifetime long title-free droughts in the last couple seasons.

The most “deserving” contenders have been winning the World Series of late with the White Sox and Red Sox ending lifetime long title-free droughts in the last couple seasons. But assessing karmic worthiness or “due”-ness as the sportscasters say is more like reading tea leaves than simply picking the next serial loser in line—though a 15 year fallow period is generally requisite to be considered due.

After consulting an amateur baseball astrologist, a diamond shaped ouija board, and a couple extras from Field of Dreams we’ve charted destiny’s favourites.

Oakland A’s Last Championship: 1989
Billy Beane’s managerial mojo has propelled this club to the postseason in four of the last six seasons (2000-2003), but the A’s have squat to show for it. They were beaten 3 games to 2 in each opening round.
Due Factor: 7 Baseballs

Detroit Tigers Last Championship: 1984
While 22 years doesn’t exactly put them in 800 lb gorilla-on-their-back territory, the Tigers have long felt the “Detroit is so brutal” stigma with which their feline football friends the Lions can certainly sympathize. Will the surprise team of the year get a happy ending?
Due Factor: 9 Baseballs

Cincinnati Reds Last Championship: 1990
Can the big red machine roar again? You bet your Ken Griffey Jr. bobble head they can! But with 16 years since their last victory, the Reds are more due like lunch at 4 p.m. than for uncorking some World Series bubbly.
Due Factor: 5 Baseballs

Texas Rangers Last Championship: Never even been to the dance.
Based in Dallas/Fort Worth since 1972, the Rangers are postseason paupers. They don’t even have an A.L. pennant to hang from the rafters at Ameriquest Field. They started the 2000s with four 4th place finishes and then upgraded to 3rd place for the next couple seasons. At this rate Texas will be basting in not-quite-there-yet purgatory for at least another six years. Due Factor: 5 Baseballs

Philadelphia Phillies Last Championship: 1980
The Phillies were tragically titleless for 97 seasons before Mike Schmidt and company came through in 1980. Surely in a time where things move so fast that people can’t even remember which doctor show they watched before Grey’s Anatomy, the Phillies don’t have to wait until 2077 for their next hurrah. Due Factor: 6 Baseballs

New York Mets Last Championship: 1986
The Mets last championship was only two decades ago but watching their cross-town rivals win four during their dry spell has made the wait feel like an eternity. Karma is on the Mets’ side. Last time they won they were also hot right from April winning 20 of their first 24 games.
Due Factor: 10 Baseballs

Los Angeles Dodgers Last Championship: 1988
Kirk Gibson’s pinch-hit walk-off homerun off Dennis Ekersley in game one of the ’88 series is right up there with Joe Carter’s walk-off stroke in ’93 as one of the most glorious moments in baseball history. The endlessly played clip crimps the Dodgers’ due-ness factor because everyone remembers the last time. Due Factor: 6 Baseballs

St. Louis Cardinals Last Championship: 1982
A perennial contender with five postseason berths in the last six years, the Cardinals just can’t soar in the playoffs. They were blown away by the BoSox in the 2004 Fall Classic 4-0 and last year were denied a return trip losing the NLCS 4-2 to the Houston Astros.
Due Factor: 7 Baseballs

Houston Astros Last Championship: Still waiting for it
The buzz on the diamond is that this team can streak when they want to. In 2004 and in 2005 they clinched their Wild Card berth on the very last day of the season. Dueness factor: 9 Baseballs

San Diego Padres Last Championship: Still waiting for it
The Padres have knocked on glory’s door only twice: In 1984 they got to the big dance but were mauled 4-1 by the Detroit Tigers, and they were swept 4-0 by the Yankees in 1998. Dueness factor: 9 baseballs

Chicago Cubs Last Championship 1908
Cleveland Indians Last Championship 1948
San Francisco Giants Last Championship 1954
Pittsburgh Pirates Last Championship 1979
Baltimore Orioles Last Championship 1983
Kansas City Royals Last Championship 1985
Milwaukee Brewers Last Championship Never Won
Seattle Mariners Last Championship Never Won

This article first ran in the October issue of Bell T.V. Magazine

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